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Glam & Good To Go Powder Facial Cleanser

Turmeric & Orange Peel

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Brings together the glowing spice, turmeric and the citrus zing from orange peel to clear & brighten your skin naturally.

Gently exfoliates and hydrates your skin for a smoother complexion.

Activate the clay minerals and nutrient-dense plant ingredients in the powder cleanser with water for the freshest and most potent cleanse.

Waterless cleanser that’s sustainable and inspired by traditional herbal cleansing rituals.

Gentle and kind enough for daily use.

Inspired by South Asian traditions and experiences that are collected and captured into each bottle to bring you joy.

What's Inside?

Made with love from 100% natural plant-based and clay ingredients. No filler ingredients added.

Perfect plant for clearing and calming your skin. Turmeric oil is full of anti-inflammatory properties and rich in various antioxidants that help balance your skin.

Amazing properties to help brighten your skin and prevent breakouts with its antimicrobial action and polyphenols to help calm reactive skin. It is also a natural source of vitamin C - an antioxidant that improves collagen production, skin elasticity and skin regeneration needed for smoother and brighter skin

Oats contain a soluble fibre (beta-glucan), which naturally firms and lifts the skin in a way similar to hyaluronic acid. Oats are great for cleansing the skin due to the presence of saponins that provide gentle exfoliation.

The clays are rich in silica and have a neutral pH. We use the softest and mildest forms of clay around. They contain minerals that can remove oil and dirt built up on the skin.

An uplifting citrus combination of oils to prevent skin dryness during cleansing. Used for their antimicrobial properties that protect your skin from breakouts.

Full Ingredient List:
Kaolin, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Powder, Avena Sativa Kernel Flour, Illite, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Curcuma Longa Root Powder, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia Fruit Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil Expressed, Curcuma Longa Root Oil *citral, *linalol, *limonene *Naturally occurring in essential oils

What will it do for my skin?

Helps clear and brighten your skin.

Potent plant-based antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids & anti-inflammatory compounds that effectively remove dead skin cells needed to maintain clear skin.

Effective cleansing without drying your skin out.

Suitable for all skin types, with particular benefits for oily and combination skin types.

How to use?

Place a small amount of the powder facial cleanser in one hand. Add a few drops of water onto the powder with your other hand. Using your fingertips, mix to form a paste. Apply the cleanser to your face and rinse.

Keep in a dry place and away from humidity.


This is the perfect way to cleanse your skin! I have been using this as part of my double cleanse at night and sometimes in the mornings, and it is just such a joy to use! Feels like a face mask kind of treat as it's a powder texture which I love! Lovely mild citrus scent and leaves my skin feeling absolutely fantastic and glowing!! Highly recommend this product to everyone!!!

Ingredient Profiles

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