Our Story

Our Story

Crush N Mix began with Tahera’s quest to fix her daughter’s skincare issues by using her creative innovative drive to come up with solutions.

Tahera - Co-Founder & Creative Fixer

Hi, I’m Tahera, Co-Founder of Crush N Mix and the Creative Fixer. I’ve been a Londoner since my teens and have lived in various places around the world providing me with the opportunity to absorb different cultures and lifestyles. I’m married with children. A family woman who loves to find a creative fix to any crisis in my home. I’m driven by pushing boundaries to find creative solutions to most things. If my kids need something, I take it on myself to create the experience. This is why I love cooking. I can venture into tastes, textures and constantly create new experiences. I use all the traditions passed down to me to give me ideas. The comfort I find in cooking has led me to educate myself in nutrition and herbal medicine. I have always been fascinated by the benefits of plants.

My skincare story began when my teenage daughter had skincare problems and everything she picked from the shelf didn’t seem to work. I did what comes naturally to me; I made my own skincare products.  As a creative fixer, I looked for things I knew were simple, plant-based, and part of long held traditions. I then unleashed my creativity to formulate something I knew my daughter would easily be able to use. 

I have a strong connection to nature and tradition that I have carried into my work. My childhood was spent in the countryside of Dorset walking through forests and fields, and feeding animals. All of this built my connection to the natural world and instilled in me concern and care for our planet. Living near the sea like my coastal ancestors connected me to their stories and traditions. My parents, as passionate cooks, loved fresh herbs and taught me to relish the value of traditional remedies. Moving to London expanded my exposure to different cultures and traditions. 

These experiences inspire me and continue to influence my creative process. Formulating is similar to the art of cooking. It’s all about understanding the process of putting things together and its purpose. Science helps me figure out how it works and points out things that wouldn't be obvious and makes sure it's safe, but tradition is what gives it heart. I bring all of these elements together when creating my skincare products.