Self Love! Skincare. Flowers With Quote

Self Love! What Skincare Should Be.

Loving who you are, is important for your mental wellbeing. You deserve to love yourself. From self-love comes confidence, high self-esteem and resilience needed to combat any negativity the world might throw at you.

Self Love! Skincare! Flowers With Quote.

Skincare should be about self-love. It should never be about trying to change yourself. It should be taking care of what you have and feeling your best. Skincare was never intended to be a negative force in your life. If makeup becomes ‘war paint’ to battle your problem skin or you find yourself militant about a skincare regime that kills your spirit then slow down and rediscover yourself.

You don't need these things in themselves for confidence and self-esteem. You are worth so much more. We don’t mean that self-care and appearance aren't important. They are definitely empowering in combination with the right mindset.

A skincare routine should be moments of bliss, fun and relaxation. It should be what makes you get up and smile in the mirror, feel your face and say 'Yeah you’re absolutely worth it!’ with no ‘ifs' and no ‘buts'. You are never less.

It should be about wanting what is good for you and not about others expectations of you. Real beauty starts from within. For the real glow and radiance, you need to love yourself first and then act on your love with self-care.

This is what inspires us at Crush N Mix. We are inspired by your confidence and self-love. We create products to support your self-love and our products are there to pamper your well-loved skin. We use natural ingredients so that your skin can be in the best form of what you already are! 

Are you struggling to love yourself? 

Look in the mirror and say to yourself:

“I love you and deserve to be loved. I will take care of you as you are absolutely worth it!”

See how you feel. 

With Love,

Crush N Mix 

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