What Do We Mean By Organic?

When talking about plant ingredients, the word organic refers to a method of farming and food production that prohibits the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers and genetically modified organisms. In the cosmetics industry, organic ingredients are naturally derived ingredients produced via organic farming. The international board, 'COSMOS' and specifically in the UK 'The Soil Association' are widely trusted organisations that regulate organic produce and certification.

Hand Holding Organic Plants

At Crush N Mix, when we say a product is 97% Organic (eg. Glam & Good To Go Facial Oil Serum), we are saying that 97% of the product's ingredients have been certified as organic by the relevant certifying organisation. The remaining 3% of ingredients have not been certified, although in practice may be considered organic due to the method of farming employed.

COSMOS certifies cosmetic products that use 95% or more organic ingredients as an organic product. So for example our first facial oil serum, Glam & Good To Go, would be able to be put forward for organic certification according to COSMOS. Organic certification is an expensive and long process, and as a young small kitchen-based start-up this is not something Crush N Mix is considering at this stage.

We value honesty and transparency at Crush N Mix and therefore choose to clearly state the percentage of ingredients we know have been certified as organic and refrain from making vague claims. We don’t like bogus or exaggerated claims and we respect that you don’t either. That’s why Crush N Mix strives to always be honest and transparent.

To learn more about Crush N Mix's first facial oil, click on the bottle below.

Facial Oil Serum Turmeric & Orange Peel Glam & Good To Go

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