The Citrus Zeal In The Blend - Orange & Bergamot

Glam & Good To Go Turmeric and Orange Peel Facial Oil Serum finds its citrus zeal from bitter orange peel, sweet oranges, and bergamot, all bursting with beneficial compounds to brighten your skin.

Citrus Zeal Blend. Orange & Bergamot.

Citrus fruits can be traced back to regions in China. During the Middle Ages citrus fruits were cultivated under the influence of Arab traders. The favourable sunny Mediterranean climate made it easy for citrus trees to flourish, leading to the Mediterranean becoming the citrus trading hotspot.

Orange and bergamot benefit your skin with their microbial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria responsible for oily skin breakouts. Oranges have an amazing bioflavonoid compound, called hesperidin, that brightens skin and improves uneven skin tone issues.

Citrus scents have the amazing ability to uplift your mood and calm the mind. Although the citrus hit can also be overwhelming for some noses, Glam & Good To Go fuses a mild note of sweet orange aroma balanced by the bergamot with the subtle spicy scent of turmeric. The unique uplifting scent of Glam & Good To Go energises your senses with its mild aroma. 

We use bergamot essential oil and sweet orange essential oil from the Southern Italian region of Calabria. This region has a tradition of farming citrus fruits and producing citrus oils going back centuries.

The bergamot essential oils we use do not contain furanocoumarins (FC), naturally occurring compounds that could potentially cause sun sensitivity and reactions. They are gently removed using a natural process during steam distillation. 

We carefully blend citrus oils choosing the best forms that are in the right balance for Glam & Good To Go, giving you the citrus beneficial boost contained in orange and bergamot whilst remaining gentle for your delicate skin.

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Facial Oil Serum Turmeric & Orange Peel Glam & Good To Go

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