5 step guide to a self facial massage

A Beginner's Self Facial Massage Guide in 5 Simple Steps

You don't need to wait for a trip to the spa for a relaxing facial massage. Whenever you need to unwind and relax, simply give yourself a facial massage. A self facial massage helps you slow down, relax and allows you to focus on yourself and replenish your mental energy. 

What are the benefits for your skin?

Massaging your face improves your skin blood flow and circulation, leaving you with glowing skin. Facial massages can also stimulate your facial muscles to tighten the skin for a smoother appearance. It's an easy form of self-care you can do for a relaxing and enjoyable night in.

Should I use facial massage tools? 

Tools are great to use for facial massages such as a gua sha or a jade roller. They are used to help improve circulation and promote healing. When using any tool designed for facial massages, it is important to understand their proper use and the correct techniques to get the most out of them. However, tools aren’t necessary for a facial massage. You can give yourself an amazing facial massage by just using your fingers! 

I'm a beginner! How can I get started?

To get started, you will need an oil to lubricate your skin. We recommend using suitable plant oils that lubricate and treat your skin too. Remember, not all plant oils are suitable for your face. We recommend using a Crush N Mix facial oil serum as they are plant oil blends suitable for the face, highly absorbent, packed with nourishing plant powered compounds and they all have a mild but uplifting scent for an energising or calming effect. 

As a beginner, we suggest that you keep it simple and gradually explore other techniques as your confidence grows. There are many forms of traditional techniques for facial massages you can explore. 

Here's our beginner's guide for a self facial massage to help get you started.

Self Facial Massage Guide

Self Facial Massage in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Always remove makeup and gently cleanse your face from impurities before beginning a facial massage. Pat dry your face leaving it slightly moist and make sure your hands and face feel nice and warm. This will condition your skin ready for a massage.
  2. Sit in a relaxing position and get comfortable. Make sure you have good posture by either sitting on the floor crossed legged or on a comfortable sturdy chair and your back is straight. This will make it easier to massage your face and focus on the massage movements.
  3. Place a few drops of your favourite Crush N Mix facial oil serum on the palm of your hands. Close your eyes bringing your hand closer to your face. Take a slow deep breath taking in the relaxing and uplifting scent of the facial oil serum. Let the aroma stimulate your senses with it’s calming or energising effect.
  4. With a finger, use the facial oil serum drops on your hand and dot all areas of your face with the oil without spreading it. Then use the fingertips of both hands to gently massage the facial oil serum.
  5. Focus on the three main areas of the face: 

The Forehead - Using your fingertips from both hands, start from the centre of your forehead by gently applying pressure moving outward to your temples. Repeat several times.

The Nose -Start from the bridge of your nose, gently apply pressure with your fingertips moving out toward your ears. Repeat several times.

The Jaw Line Place both hands over your cheeks and gently apply pressure with your fingertips in a stroking motion down to the centre of your chin and down your neck. Repeat several times.

Close your eyes when massaging and focus in on each movement.

You can also treat your loved ones with a facial massage to help them unwind and relax. You could ask your partner or friend to treat you to a facial massage too. Simply guide them through the process and have fun at the same time!

A self facial massage is a great way to relax and unwind and to improve the circulation around your face. Experience the relaxing scent and the beautiful texture of a Crush N Mix facial oil serum to deep treat your skin.

We hope that we have inspired you to give yourself a relaxing facial massage. Do let us know how you get on!

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